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Gas, Pellet, and Wood Fireplace Inserts

Fantastic fireplace inserts for any style home.

At Ambler Fireplace & Patio, we’re all about your complete satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a wood, gas, or pellet insert, we’ve got an attractive solution that will blend naturally with your home’s décor.

Along with professional installation services, we have a vast selection of inserts on display at two showroom locations. You’ll be able to see what your new insert will look like, fully installed, before it’s in your home.

What are “inserts?”

“Insert” is a term referring to appliances that insert into an existing fireplace for the purpose of changing the efficiency and/or the fuel of the fireplace.

Typically the installation of an insert will also involve lining the chimney with a flexible tube of stainless steel or aluminum to match with the outlet size of the new unit. A face plate or “surround” is also typically incorporated to close off any space between the new insert and the original fireplace opening. The insert will frequently incorporate heat exchangers, a fan or fans designed to move the heated air, and an air-tight seal to prevent the loss of air from the home.

There are several types of fireplace inserts available:

Heat your home with a stylish wood insert.

Economical and easy to operate, wood inserts can be incredibly efficient if you have a steady source of wood for burning. In our experience, good, dry hardwood is the key to success.

With dozens of wood inserts available, including cast iron and flat steel designs, we know you’ll find something you absolutely love when you shop with us.

Choose from a wide selection of the best gas inserts.

Gas inserts are direct-vented, meaning the get their combustion air from outside and send the exhaust back outside. This means the exhaust never enters your home! Since no fuel needs to be carried through the house, gas inserts are very convenient. You can even operate your new gas insert using a remote control.

With our factory-trained service team, we can handle all aspects of your gas insert installation, including running the gas line.

Find cost-effective pellet fireplace inserts.

Pellet inserts are the perfect blend of efficiency and convenience. Working off a thermostat, pellet inserts are self-lighting and will turn on and off automatically, as needed.

The heat produced by a pellet insert is very even, requiring minimal space to install and operate. Cast iron and flat steel designs are available.

Email us or visit our locations in Colmar and Ambler for the best fireplace inserts in the Delaware Valley.