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Pellet Inserts

Stylish Pellet Inserts to Heat Your Home

An excellent, affordable way to heat your house.

Pellet Inserts are a great alternative way of heating, as hardwood pellets are less expensive per BTU than natural gas and propane gas. They are also worth considering if you’ve been thinking about wood-burning unit – especially if you have to buy your wood at market price or are getting tired of cutting and stacking logs. If wood storage is an issue, wood pellets take up much less space than cord wood and do not have to be bought and stored years in advance.

Pellet units can start themselves up based on thermostatic controls, shutting themselves off when the room is warm, even if you are not at home. Simply fill the storage bin or “hopper” with pellets, and you’re done.

Maintaining your pellet insert is easy.

Weekly maintenance of a pellet insert involves cleaning the glass and vacuuming the unit two or three times a week, emptying the ash pan once a week or more.

Stop in our showroom and see the many beautiful designs by Quadra-Fire and Harman and let us tell you more about how pellet inserts will make you re-think the way you heat your home.

Email us or visit our locations in Colmar and Ambler to find the perfect pellet insert for your needs.