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Gas, Coal, Wood, and Pellet Stoves

Heat your home with a stylish stove from Ambler Fireplace & Patio.

With a wide selection of products from nationally recognized brands, the team at Ambler Fireplace & Patio can help you choose the perfect stove for your needs. We carry only the most trusted and reliable wood stoves, pellet stoves, and gas stoves on the market.

At Ambler Fireplace & Patio, you’ll find a stove for every home and any décor, along with dependable floor protection options and venting pipes. We also provide qualified installation, managed by our factory-trained, in-house service staff.

Ambler Fireplace & Patio has a stove for any situation:

Enjoy the bountiful benefits of a professionally installed gas stove.

Gas stoves are direct vented, meaning no exhaust enters your home. Additionally, because no fuel needs to be carried through your home, gas stoves are very convenient and can typically sit directly on your existing floor, operated using a remote control,

Traditional and contemporary designs are available to complement your home décor. Our factory-trained service staff can ensure everything is installed properly, setting up your unit and even running the gas line for you.

Experience the tradition and warmth of a quality wood stove.

Wood stoves can be tremendously economical if you have a source for good, hard wood (the secret to success for any wood stove owner). We have over a dozen different wood stoves available, including cast iron and flat steel designs.

Please note that wood stoves need to be vented into a chimney. If an existing chimney is not available, a chimney will need to be built or added. The chimney needs to run vertically, generally to a point two feet higher than the roof of your home.

A wood stove also requires a protected floor area. Our factory-trained, in-house service staff can install your wood stove and chimney, with an end result that looks as though it was always a part of your home in the first place.

Incredibly convenient pellet stoves, perfect for any home.

Pellet stoves have been around for 20 years or more, but many people are still unaware of their advantages. They burn an economical manufactured biomass pellet – roughly the size of dog kibble – which comes in clean, 40-pound plastic bags, ready to burn.

Pellets can be stored inside or outside, but they must be kept dry in a shed or under a good tarp if left outdoors. The stoves are self-lighting when heat is needed, turning themselves off when your room is warm. Pellet stoves even come with their own thermostat.

The heat from a pellet stove is very even, not requiring the large, protected area demanded by a wood stove. They can be vented into an existing chimney or through a new vent. Pellet Vents do not need to be as high as the roof line and can actually end outside about a foot or so higher than the top of the stove.

We have more than a dozen different pellet stoves available from brands like Heat & Glo, with cast iron and flat steel designs available. We’re more than happy to have our factory-trained, in-house service staff install your unit, including ventilation and floor protection.

Email us or visit our locations in Colmar and Ambler for the best selection of stoves in the region.